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Global Impact League

The World Needs YOU now!

Most people will never create an impact because they...

  • Don’t know how to start

  • Don't think they have time

  • Don't know where to find the resources

  • Don't have a strategic plan for their vision

  • Aren’t confident they can follow through

  • Don’t know where to find support

  • Feel overwhelmed

Deadline March 16!

Get started with the Changemaker Challenge!

Make your mark now!

Fun Five-Week Changemaker Challenge

Intro to the Global Impact League

  • Choose or Grow Your Most Passionate Cause

  • Learn How to Create Change Without Fancy Funding

  • Discover the Ten Top Secrets of Social Entrepreneurs

  • Begin Your Strategic Plan and Next Steps

  • Get Motivated! The World is Waiting for YOU

It is never too late or too little!
No idea too big or too small.
Lead by Example & Your Commitment to Change

You won’t believe how much can happen in 5 weeks! 

Changemaker Challenge


Special Early-Bird Pricing

through June 12 - July 12

Save $50

5 weeks

Starts July 12, 2023

Check out some of my TESTIMONIALS below and feel free to request your free exploratory consultation to see if this program is a good fit!

Anne Scottlin is a dynamic combination of leader, strategist, visionary and implementer. Anne is a compassionate leader who not only cares about organizations but also the individuals within them. She is adept at balancing human needs with the overall welfare, vision, and mission of a larger entity. It has been such a pleasure working with Anne. She brings a high caliber of excellence and commitment with everything she does.

Dr. Marla Parker

Haloloop Foundation

Los Angeles, CA


I worked with Anne for many months and was amazed at her insights and strategic skills. She is an amazing person and excellent at what she does. I highly recommend Anne for you or your organization!

David Klocke, MD, CMO

Monument Health

Mayo Clinic

David Klocke (1).jpeg

What do people who work with me say? ...

Anne is an incredible leader who inspires others with her grounded confidence, vision, and passion to help you do your best work.

Laurie Olague

Director of Programs

Chrysalis - (nonprofit)
"Changing lives through jobs"


I came to Anne as an entrepreneur in need of strategic positioning and a fresh approach to helping be build my new program. Thank you, Anne, for giving me the clarity, confidence and knowledge to successfully execute all of my ideas! I wouldn't be where I am today without you!

Sam Becker


Los Angeles, CA


To mention a few of the leaders and movements I work with:

(I work with individual clients confidentially, but referrals may be available upon request.)

I collaborate or have collaborated on projects with Amnesty International, The American Cancer Society, and various development and relief agencies.

The leadership of a global AI startup that just completed first-round funding and has created intuitive digital technology that generates daily health NFTs to create next-generation wellness and healthcare tools

A national campaign to bring clean energy culture to underserved communities through pop culture and celebrities.

A foundation that supports mental and emotional wellness of social impact organization employees and volunteers

A financial success education program for new entrepreneurs

Education and tutoring programs for underserved children

A wellness campaign for physical and emotional family health

An educational program for parents of empathic children

An international sports organization that supports children and young players who don't have financial ability to get quality training and education

Rehab through animal therapy

An international employment training program for secondary school dropouts

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