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Who I am

Three themes that have shaped most of my life are Entrepreneurship, Humanitarianism and Changing the Narrative.


I grew up off the grid in a cult-like conservative religious environment where I was homeschooled until I was 15 to focus on preparing for the end of the world. Also sacred were hard work and enterprise. Two other passions engrained in me in that wilderness environment were a love of nature (seeds of environmentalism) and an old-world “missionary-based” belief that we were here on earth to help others.


As I slowly transitioned into the real world, my own formula for those goals evolved to manifest if very different ways. From creating my own businesses to my work with NGO’s including Amnesty International, The America Cancer Society, ADRA Development and Relief Agency, Young Storytellers and other nonprofits, my energies were always at their height when I was connecting with people to make the world a better place.

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Along the way I tried to find my world stage by working in Hollywood as an actress for 10 years. Whenever possible, I focused on acting in humanitarian films and independent projects that had a message deeper than just entertainment. In the end, however, I realized that it was my own voice—not playing a character—that had the greatest impact and brought me the most fulfillment.


As part of my preoccupation with story, I was fascinated with learning our human past as means to explain our present. After my two bachelor’s degrees, I went on to get my graduate degree in ancient and medieval history (and wrote an award-winning thesis on medieval women writers). I graduated to find myself in the middle of a recession where academics were being laid off, not hired.

I pivoted to channel my teaching skills into professional coaching, consulting, leading masterminds and group training. This is where I found the magic... where my passions for Entrepreneurship, Humanitarianism and Changing the Narrative fell into perfect alignment. The Global Impact League was born, with a focus on providing training, support and a global community for social entrepreneurs and social initiatives.

With my experience in film, television, radio and podcasting I was able to create a substantial social media following (200k+). During the pandemic I also published two Amazon best-sellers to support global emotional wellness. My award-winning book, Live for Joy, has been enjoyed around the world, and my favorite chapter is Chapter 3: Be a Benevolent World Citizen.


My mission is to help support and grow 10,000 global impact programs around the world over the next ten years. My dream is to create a global classroom, in-person and remotely, to teach and expand social entrepreneurship as one of our long-term solutions to our world’s challenges.


Will you join me?

"Anne's skills as a Career Coach have earned her a spot on the Coach Foundation, one of the biggest names in the coaching industry."
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