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Laugh Your A** Off!

Sarah Routman has degrees in Photography, English and a Master’s in Adult Education, she taught high school and ran two non-profits before becoming an Adjunct Leadership Instructor at the University of Minnesota and a worldwide Laughter Ambassador. Being a champion of overall wellness, she inspires and motivates individuals and professionals to engage in healthy laughter for a vibrant, uplifting and transformative shift in all aspects of their lives that leads them towards better health and wellbeing. #SarahRoutman

You can find out more about Sarah at her website: Also, Check out her socials! Youtube: Twitter:

TikTok: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I help you start celebrating your life again! Leading Innovative Corporate Training for optimal Work-Life Integration and Personal fulfillment, Emotional Well-Being Specialist, Consultant, Author, Podcaster, Influencer. #podcast#SarahRoutman#laugh#wellness#stories#funny#laughter#guestepisode#learning

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