with Anne Scottlin 



In this participation driven experience, teams and 
individuals work together to find how joy can
transform every aspect of their business and their lives.


Anne Scottlin is a joyful living expert, author, motivator, leadership coach and consultant. Her popular Twitter feed gets millions of views a month and her energy and enthusiasm attract clients worldwide.


A uniquely gifted life teacher, Anne’s singularity springs from the blend of her academic background, business experience, unusual upbringing and global vision. Anne has an energizing yet endearing presence that puts you at ease while motivating you to be the best version of yourself.

  • WORKSHOP or weekend retreat

  • engaging, inspiring and interactive

  • Customized to further company goals

  • TARGETS improved performance

  • tailored to group and team needs

A Note from Anne

Working with teams and groups is one of my greatest joys. My workshops are involved, energetic and fun, and retreats are a bonding and transformational experience not quickly forgotten.

I specifically choose to work with companies that want to inspire and empower their employees to live a more joyful life, a life that raises their wellbeing personally and professionally.

I work with each participant to help them identify and tap into their joy, as they learn how to use the power of joy to make brighten and empower their life, their work, their world.

As a company, you are choosing a unique and innovative training experience that not only impacts your employees and corporate culture but also has far reaching potential for the world.


I offer both virtual and in-person workshops and retreats, but in-person are my favorite.

See you soon!

My job is to support you in becoming

the finest version of yourself
so you can bring that to you team!

I’ve been an active leader in the Coaching and Mastermind communities for over a decade. From that experience I have developed a system that helps my clients learn to think differently, opening up new possibilities they may never have considered. It is a challenging enterprise that is also fun and energizing - as it should be - part of living a full and dynamic life!