What I Do

I serve clients and communities around the world as an emotional and spiritual wellness teacher through speaking, workshops, retreats and publications.


I am uniquely qualified for this work. I utilize the insights I've aggregated from my unusual personal background, academic degrees, professional training, client experience and intuitive aptitude. I have applied all of this to create tools and techniques that support people who want to recalibrate their tangible and spiritual prosperity.


The Power of Joy Institute

In 2021, I established The Power of Joy Institute—a collaborative educational enterprise with a global mission. It is my vision to provide innovative emotional and spiritual wellness training through customized programs for individuals, groups and organizations. I also serve as a consultant and board member for various companies in the corporate wellness industry.

Radio, Television, Podcast, Influencer

I am a frequent guest on talk radio and have an extensive list of TV credits. My weekly Podcast, #ScottlinTalks, airs on both video and audio platforms. My social media platforms also receive millions of views a month with high engagement.

Books and Publications

My fully illustrated personal empowerment book, Live for Joy, is an Amazon best-seller containing 12 chapters and 280 pages. Read more here.

In support of kids emotional health for kids, my children’s book The Chair of Joy will be released in late 2022. My newest book on personal empowerment and spiritual wellness, is scheduled for release in 2023, so stay tuned! I also am published in magazines and online, see examples on “News and Media” on my website:

Who I am

I’m a Nature lover, mountain hiker, world traveler, foodie, doting dog mama to my three rescues, award winning actress and writer, and fan of Medieval women writers. I am also an advocate for human rights and animal welfare. My friends and clients know me for my warm empathy and joie de vivre.