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Global Impact Program

Change Your World!

1-to-1 Sessions

Most people will never create an impact because they...

  • don’t think they have the time

  • aren’t confident they can follow through

  • haven’t refined their vision

  • don’t know how to start

  • don’t know where to find support

  • feel overwhelmed

    I help you activate your cause with confidence. You and I co-create and implement strategic plan to transform you vision into a reality.

The Meta Mindset

Learn to Crack the Code

The Meta Mindset is level of self-awareness that supersedes traditional definitions of mindset. It is a degree of consciousness that transcends willpower. 

Learn to trust you own instinct and step into your true power, your Meta Mindset. Join us for my next revolutionary program of 6 dynamic group sessions.

 Live and Virtual Events

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"I'm Spiritual, But ..."

The Spiritual Wellness Springboard
Workshops and Retreats

Inclusive Spiritual Optimization for a Vibrant Life

  • Discover or enhance your spiritual experience​

  • Step out of the spiritual injuries of your past

  • Spiritually Inclusive Environment

  • No proselytizing 
  • Optimize joyful, soulful growth

  • Step into your spiritual empowerment

  • Join an integrated and warm Community

Reclaim your spiritual wellbeing


If you are interested in booking Anne to speak to your
organization about making a Global Impact and
The Meta Mindset, please contact her publicist,
Creative Edge Publicity: 

Keynote with Anne
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