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LIVE FOR JOY WITH BEST SELLING AUTHOR ANNE SCOTTLIN USA GLOBAL TV® & RADIO PRESENTS THE CORNER BOOKSTORE EPISODE 36 08.11.22 STARRING DR. JACALYN KERBECK & DIANN FLOYD BOEHM FEATURING ANNE SCOTTLIN ABOUT ANNE Anne Scottlin is an Emotional Wellbeing Expert as well as a speaker and an award winning actress. Anne's book, "Live For Joy" has also earned her the title of best-selling author. She leads innovative corporate training and coaching for optimal work-life integration and personal fulfillment. Anne’s popular Twitter feed draws millions of views a month and she produces a down-to-earth motivational weekly show called #ScottlinTalks. Her energy and enthusiasm attract clients worldwide to her workshops, retreats, and online courses where she helps corporate leaders and entrepreneurs celebrate life again! She teaches them how to harness the genius of Joy to maximize their impact in the world. When Anne’s not working with her clients or writing a new book, she enjoys wilderness hiking, world travel, and recharging outdoors in her favorite hammock. One of her best kept secrets is that she is a Medieval history hobbyist with a special interest in medieval women writers. CONTACT ANNE Social Media Links Website CONTACT DIANN Website: CONTACT DR. JACALYN® Websites: http://usaglobaltv.com JOIN OUR ELEVATED LISTENERS TEAM BY TAKING THE POWER OF LISTENING SUBSCRIBE TO USA GLOBAL TV® & RADIO TO LEARN, WATCH & ENGAGE:


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