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Power of Joy Trilogy Ep. 2 How to Tune Your Job to Your Life! with Anne Scottlin on BVTV

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BVTV Personal Development & Wellness Channel host Malcolm Gallagher says; Many may think that there’s not a lot to be have been happy about recently. Covid, bereavement, lockdown, climate change, economy and much more. But I have always believed unless you seek to look on the bright side of life, the burden of unhappiness will compound. A little bit of expert guidance may be needed to find that path to happiness which is why I am delighted to bring you this Power of Joy Trilogy with Live for Joy author and joyful living expert, Anne Scottlin. Anne thanks for agreeing to this Power of Joy Trilogy for BVTV. I’m going to kick off episode one by asking you my simple layman’s question – What is Joy and what holds us back from living for it? #BVTV #Interview #MalcolmGallagher #AnneScottlin #PowerofJoy #ScottlinTalks #LiveforJoy


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