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Spiritual but not Religious

Freddy Cruz is the founder of Freddy Cruz Creative Works, a boutique media company in the Greater Houston area. Freddy’s work spans twenty-six years, three with the iconic KDWB/Minneapolis-Saint Paul and twenty-one with the legendary, two-time Marconi Award winning KRBE/Houston. From copywriting and voiceover to audio production and big picture ideas, he’s the quadruple threat you want to help you elevate your brand. The Greater Houston area has heard Freddy’s voice for more than seventeen thousand hours via weekday shows, community affairs shows and podcasts. And he has elevated world class brands by means of over fifty-eight thousand hours worth of production elements and traditional ads. When he's not in the lab creating auditory satisfaction, you can find him nose deep in a book, snuggling with his dog Sparrow, or jogging on the trail (trying hard to not sound like a horror movie villain).

Freddy's Website:


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