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Q&A for Author Anne Scottlin

Q: What was the first book that you have written and published?

Live for Joy! Hit #1 Best Seller on Amazon in November 2021

Q: When did you get started as a writer? I was writing stories and plays by age 10. I had a fantastic writing teacher in high school named Mrs. Peters who really affirmed my writing and encouraged me to do more, which I did in college and beyond with small university publications.

Q: How did your careers as a humanitarian and acting help inspire you with your books?

As a humanitarian who has traveled around the world, I’ve had the opportunity to see what we all have in common as human beings. It is so clear that we have more in common than we do differences, and yet we tend to focus on the differences and divisions between us. In Live for Joy, I titled Chapter 3. “Be a Benevolent World Citizen. “Not only is that a message of kindness I want to spread, but it is also one of the tools of living a joyful life!

As an actress and coach, I made it my study to discover what it is that makes people tick. Why do we respond to things the way we do? What perspectives and habits of thought hold us back from reaching our full potential? What beliefs about ourselves control our success? My observations on these questions inspired me to write several other chapters in Live for Joy, including, “Wake Up Your Potential”, “Challenge Yourself” and “Listen to Your Inner Genius.”

Q: Did you always see yourself as a writer?

Yes! It’s in my DNA. My father and grandmother were poets and storytellers, and I was writing stories out in stick figures as a little kid before I could even write words.

Q: How many books are already published? How many more do you have planned?

My first book, Live for Joy, was published this year, and now I’m working on my second book for 2022 about practical steps to bring joy into your business life and your team for greater success and positive emotional wellbeing.

Q: What three words would you use to describe your writing style? Deep, Authentic, & Moving

Q: Tell us, readers about your journey in creating these types of powerful books.

I only write from experience rather than speculation. I gather real life scenarios and struggles from my own life and the lives of the many clients I train, coach and consult with. Pat answers and formulas for emotional wellness are so yesterday. I believe we need to go deeper if we want to really reconnect to our joy and live full, meaningful lives. We each need our own custom formula, and the only way to discover that is by digging deep and asking ourselves the tough questions that can set us free. And tapping into your true joy and living in that space is the best kind of freedom I know!

Q: What advice would you give to fellow writers?

Be authentic. Put your heart and soul into your writing. It will show. The new “trendy” is to be relatable, not a rubber stamp. Letting your true self shine through your writing will also give you so much more satisfaction and gratification in your work.

Q: What themes can readers find in your latest release, Live for Joy?

I wanted to write a personal empowerment book that would give you powerful written and visual food for thought even if you only had 2 minutes!

Live for Joy is a wellspring of short, compelling messages. The 12 chapters bring you 12 ways to inspire your self-awareness and support a mindset for a more joyful and authentic life. Each message is paired with beautiful art and photography for a consummate experience.

Q: Where can readers find you and your books online? Website:


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