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I Help You
Start Celebrating
Your Life Again!

In your job

Anne Scottlin


to my Joyful Community!

I help you start celebrating 
your life and work again!

I’m Anne Scottlin, author, emotional wellness specialist and founder of the The Power of Joy events and workshops, a fresh approach to better business and personal growth.

For my corporate clients I deliver my innovative training program 
Joy in Your Job where I teach leaders and teams to forge better tools for optimal work-life integration and  emotional wellbeing.


Join me on my weekly podcast #ScottlinTalks and pick up your copy of my new book of motivation and inspiration, 
Live for Joy! 


Join my supportive community
of empowered individuals
who are dedicated to
maximizing their impact and
living a joyful and meaningful life.

We welcome you!


l e a r n   m o r e



the genius of joy in your job
leadership and team training and retreats

A fun and participation driven experience

Tap into the power of joy for:

  • Greater Job Satisfaction

  • Optimal Work-Life Integration

  • Improved Performance

  • Emotional Well-Being

  • Individual Fulfillment

the power of joy

live virtual experience

A revolutionary program of 6 dynamic group sessions with Anne Scottlin

Learn how to connect to the powerhouse of your joy to transform your professional life, relationships and overall wellbeing. Join a dynamic group working directly with Anne Scottlin.


If you are interested in booking Anne to speak to your organization about the Power of Joy please contact Creative Edge Publicity.

Keynote with Anne
the joy of leadership
strategic living sessions

For individuals who have the courage and determination to be on the front lines of leadership, innovation, and self-actualization, challenge yourself to raise the bar by working with Anne one-to-one.

Reconnect to your joy and fuel your choice to live and lead strategically.

What's the difference between Happiness and Joy?

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you can live life more joyfully every day!

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Anne's Joy Journal
Anne's new book, Live for Joy

"Every new chapter we encounter is essential to the story, sunshine or rain,
in the album of our lives."

Anne Scottlin - Live for Joy


"I highly recommend working with Anne. Through our sessions, she has been absolutely essential in making such daunting tasks seem manageable. Every session helped me break things down into a set of achievable bi-weekly goals and offered friendly accountability."

Benjamin Xiao

 - Software Engineer - Cisco

 Palo Alto, CA

Anne on top of Mt. Whitney


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