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Global  Impact



The Meta Mindset

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Hi! I am
Anne Scottlin...

My passion is powerfully supporting leaders and changemakers to make the world a better place.

This is not about egos. This is about creating meaningful change on the ground... now.

Through the Global Impact League my mission is to help launch or expand 10,000 impact programs and movements around the world over the next the 10 years.

I Help You
Change the World!

I offer a strategic program for the step-by-step creation or ongoing support you need to transform your own vision for change into a reality, not someday... now.

Let me to help you launch or grow your cause. My purpose is to demonstrate to our global family that each individual has the potential to impact our collective experience for good, and that together, we can be unstoppable. Read more about me here...

Anne Scottlin is a dynamic combination of leader, strategist, visionary and implementer. Anne is a compassionate leader who not only cares about organizations but also the individuals within them. She is adept at balancing human needs with the overall welfare, vision, and mission of a larger entity. It has been such a pleasure working with Anne. She brings a high caliber of excellence and commitment with everything she does.


Dr. Marla Parker

Haloloop Foundation
Los Angeles, Ca


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Global Impact League

Change Your World!

Guided Strategic Groups 
for Step-by-Step Creation and Support
of Your Impact Vision

Most people will never create an impact because they...

  • Don’t know how to start

  • Don't think they have time

  • Don't know where to find the resources

  • Don't have a strategic plan for their vision

  • Aren’t confident they can follow through

  • Don’t know where to find support

  • Feel overwhelmed

    The Global Impact League helps you activate your cause with confidence! 

The Meta Mindset

The Meta Mindset

Learn to Crack the Code

The Meta Mindset is level of self-awareness that supersedes traditional definitions of mindset. It is a degree of consciousness that transcends willpower. 

Learn to trust you own instinct and step into your true power, your Meta Mindset. Join us for my next revolutionary program of 6 dynamic group sessions.

 Live and Virtual Events

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"I'm Spiritual, But ..."

The Spiritual Wellness Springboard
Workshops and Retreats

INCLUSIVE Spiritual Optimization for a Vibrant Life

  • Discover or enhance your spiritual experience​

  • Step out of the spiritual injuries of your past

  • Spiritually Inclusive Environment

  • No proselytizing 
  • Optimize joyful, soulful growth

  • Step into your spiritual empowerment

  • Join an integrated and warm Community

Reclaim your spiritual wellbeing


Anne is a impactful speaker. Her authenticity and and passion move hearts and minds in a unique and beautiful way. If you would like to book her for your event or organization, please contact her publicist or email her team:

Anne's KEYNOTE TOPICS include:

  • Your Global Impact

  • International Women’s Issues

  • Humanitarianism

  • Philanthropy

  • Deconstruct Your Programming

  • Self-Reinvention & Rediscovery

  • How Leaders Are Born

  • Overcoming Adversity

  • Inclusive Spirituality

  • Animal Welfare

Keynote with Anne

"Every new chapter we encounter is essential to the story, sunshine or rain,
in the album of our lives."

Anne Scottlin - Live for Joy

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