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Find your Joy in Self Acceptance

Teresa Greco is a happiness coach, educator, and educational technologies consultant from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is the weekly host of an internet TV and radio show called "The Steps to Happiness Show." The proud mother of two children, Teresa is a self-help writer for 5 magazines, public speaker, and a reiki master. She has completed her Master’s Degree in Education, with specializations in Technological Literacy and Special Education. As an author and happiness coach, Teresa does public speaking, holds workshops, and mentors others about embracing, honoring, loving, and celebrating their true authentic self and achieving their own personal happiness and fulfillment.

Teresa is the author and co-author of 3 self-help books and is working towards the launch of her book entitled “Steps to True Happiness” Link to all her books - Titles are The Decision to Heal: Pathways from Suffering to Love (co-author), Business, Life and The Universe, Vols 4 & 5 (also co-author) #TeresaGreco

You can find out more about Teresa at her Website - Socials - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I help you start celebrating your life again! Leading Innovative Corporate Training for optimal Work-Life Integration and Personal fulfillment, Emotional Well-Being Specialist, Consultant, Author, Podcaster, Influencer. #podcast #learn #laugh #wellness #Author #stories #book #speaker #guestepisode #learning #business #joy #wellbeing #happiness #reiki

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